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Pack prices

СНПЧ А7 Ульяновск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

SEASON 2019-2020


PACK PRICES   (Given as information) for 6 days of rent


CHILD   height maxi 1.60 m    

skis + boots + child helmet (including 9 € for helmet)


BABY (From 2 to 5 years measuring less than 1.15 m)

with helmet

without helmet


43.00 €

34.00 €

Child (height maxi 1.60 m)   

(from beginner to the 3rd star level)

61.00 €
Child Red (advanced level) 81.00 €
Child Black (very good level) 101.50 €
Child Black (Elite Boots)   110.00€

Snowboard Child with boots and helmet

(max height 1.50 m) 

97 .00€


ADULT    (skis + chill boots)  
Skis Blue or Miniskis Initiation / Beginner (for skiing with easy-to-handle and adaptable equipment that makes feel more confident on the green and blue slopes.) 101.00 €
Skis Red Improvement / Intermediate (Forskiing on red slopes with easy-to-handle equipment that grips the ice and is easy to carry.) 117.50 €
Skis Black Confirmed / Advanced (For skiing all over the mountain on all slopes with high-performance equipment that grips the ice well and remains stable at high speeds) 127.50 €

Skis Elite Technical /High performance  (For skiing on all types of snow and slope with excellent equipment which benefits from the latest technologies) + sport boots

145.00 €
Snowboard Adult  with boots   124.50 €

Adult Helmet for 6 days

Helmet rent only (no other package)

Helmet rented along with ski + boots packs


28.00 €

15.00 €



NEW  : rented heating shoes

Price a day :

Price 6 days :


19.60 €

94.50 €




Route de l'envers du Chinaillon
74450 Le Grand-Bornand

Open every day of the winter season

from 8:30 am to 18:30 non-stop